DIE MASKE - journal for Cultural and Social Anthropology

DIE MASKE (engl.: the mask) is a project run by students and alumni of cultural and social anthropology in Vienna, Austria, with the ambition to communicate anthropological issues and new insights to the scientific community as well as to an interested public to encourage reflection and rethinking of "culture" and society.

The articles should be easy to read, but not without scientific foundation. Another important point is to get diversity within the collection of articles. We try to get an interdisciplinary approach on the subject with articles by students, young scientists, professors or other people working in the fields discussed in the magazine, as well as different styles of writing.

Every issue covers three main topics: In the so-called "Salon" section, a theoretical concept or idea is taken up and discussed from different points of view. The section "Fachgebiet" deals with a certain field within the subject of cultural and social anthropology and in the section "Region" questions connected to a specific region of the world are examined. Another part is dedicated to the Institute of Cultural and Social Anthropology in Vienna, where students are given the opportunity to present their diploma thesis or other projects connected to the Institute. As the aim is to mediate between university and the public, also other institutions or projects are welcomed to be presented as well as other student projects in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Since 2007, three issues of DIE MASKE have been published and the fourth one is already in progress. English contributions are very welcome. The next issue is to be published in January 2009.

Salon - The Individual
Fachgebiet - Urban Anthropology
Region - East Asia

For comments, suggestions or further questions please contact: office (at) diemaske.at